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Graydon Pool Ridgewood, NJ

Corner of Linwood
and N. Maple Aves.

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  About Graydon and the Coalition

Graydon is a natural 2.68-acre sandy-floored pool and beach in a century-old park in Ridgewood, New Jersey. A buffer against flooding in a flood plain and a recreational site for four generations, Graydon has been threatened with replacement by a small, beachless concrete pool. Help us preserve this Village icon.
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Mission statement

Founded on July 8, 2009, the Preserve Graydon Coalition is dedicated to preserving the unique character of Ridgewood's historic Graydon Park and Pool, including its large, open swimming area, center rafts, and extensive sandy beaches. We provide factual information about Graydon's safe, clean water and other aspects of the facility to assist the Village Council in making prudent short-term and long-range decisions about the future of Graydon. We encourage implementation of the least invasive changes possible before any drastic changes to the overall structure and layout are considered. We enlist the support of residents who love Graydon and would deplore its loss to a concrete-based facility with a much smaller and radically different main swimming area.

We promote the rejuvenation and enhancement of Graydon via careful engineering, improved operational procedures, increased membership, and other considerations of concern to the community. We appreciate the natural beauty of this tranquil, environmentally sensitive setting.

Revised September 3, 2009

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