The Preserve Graydon Coalition
Happy 100th birthday, Graydon!
Graydon Park, originally named Linwood Park, was dedicated on May 6, 1910—
Arbor Day that year. Read more in a Ridgewood News article and a letter to the editor by Lucy Rieger.
Our endorsements for Tuesday’s Council election
We strongly endorse Bernadette Coghlan-Walsh and Thomas M. Riche for the two open Village Council positions. The next Council will determine the future of Graydon. See the May 7 Ridgewood News for our first political ad.
Graydon’s prospects are excellent this year: better water quality and amenities, positive buzz, and, we predict, increased membership and financial strength. The next Council will either foster such improvements or actively cause it to fail through negative propaganda, neglect, and a determination to pave it over. Give Bernie and Tom, who are Graydon badge holders, the power to maintain Graydon’s attributes while providing continued enhancements that are fiscally and environmentally responsible.
Vote for Graydon on Tuesday, May 11
The polls will be open from 6 AM to 8 PM. On the ballot, Bernie’s name is first (row 1) and Tom’s is last (row 4).
What you can do now: Call and e-mail Ridgewood friends and acquaintances, chat with your neighbors this weekend, and explain the direct connection between Tuesday’s Council election and Graydon’s likely fate. Let’s elect two independent thinkers, not a “team” in lockstep who would join with current Council member Paul Aronsohn, who has made his anti-Graydon views clear, to create a three-vote majority and do whatever they want for years.

Many Ridgewood elections are won and lost by surprisingly small numbers. Please make sure that every registered voter in your household votes on Tuesday.
Free ride to vote: Contact us for a ride or call 201-632-1436—in advance, if possible.
Please contribute toward the cost of our ad
Placing an ad jointly with Concerned Residents of Ridgewood was, we felt, essential to a full endorsement of our chosen candidates. Please donate $25, $50, $100, or what you can afford today. (Note: donations are NOT tax deductible.)
Another important way to boost Graydon
Buy your badge while the early bird price remains in effect (through May 22). Each purchase will demonstrate to Village officials and residents that Graydon is an enduring, delightful, irreplaceable asset. This applies to all who care about Graydon whether you have ever gone there or not.
Donate now to preserve Graydon Pool
YOUR VOTE IS VITAL TO GRAYDON’S FUTURE. Make your voice heard on Tuesday, May 11.

Graydon was here before any of us arrived and must remain after we have gone.
Marcia Ringel and Suzanne Kelly, Co-Chairs
The Preserve Graydon Coalition, Inc., a nonprofit corporation
“It’s clear—we love Graydon!”
May 6, 2010