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Corner of Linwood and Maple Aves.  


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Susan Knudsen and Michael Sedon for Council

The Preserve Graydon Coalition enthusiastically endorses two of the three candidates for the two open seats in the May 13 Village Council election for their preservationist sensibility.
Susan Knudsen

How Susan describes herself
I’m Susan Knudsen, a Ridgewood resident for 15 years with my husband and family. My parents and my sister's family live here, too.
With a corporate background and an extensive history of volunteer work throughout the Village, includin g donating photography services for the Jamboree Scholarship Fund, I’m currently Vice-Chairman of the Village’s Zoning Board of Adjustment.
By attending Village Council and Planning Board meetings frequently, I have followed developments in the Village, paying particular attention to the most pressing issues, including the proposed H-Zone and high-density housing. On the Zoning Board since 2011 I have studied the Master Plan document and grown to understand the thoughtful process involved in creating zoning and Village ordinances that affect us all and will continue to do so far into the future.
I believe responsive, responsible, representative government is best for our community. As my next act in town I would like to put my knowledge and experience to the test by serving on your Village Council.

What Susan says about Graydon
The Preserve Graydon Coalition has taken the leading role in preserving one of the Village’s greatest assets, Graydon Pool.

My position on the preservation of Graydon Pool is unequivocal: its uniqueness, tranquil setting, natural beauty and historical significance must be preserved for generations to come.

It is our responsibility as custodians of our Village assets and treasures to ensure that Graydon’s immeasurable value and integrity are never compromised.

Contact information

Request a yard sign, host a meet & greet coffee: 201-312-7420 (Ellen)
Campaign donations: see website above (PayPal or credit card) or send a check to: Susan Knudsen for Village Council, 120 Circle Ave., Ridgewood, NJ 07450
Michael Sedon
How Michael describes himself
Hello, I am Ridgewood resident Michael Sedon, and I am running for one of the two open seats on the Village Council in the May 13 municipal election.

I am a journalist and wrote for The Ridgewood News from September 2007 to May 2011. I moved to Ridgewood after meeting my beautiful wife Lynn in 2010. Since leaving my post at The Ridgewood News I have continued to attend Village Council and Planning Board meetings as a civic-minded citizen.

When I discovered that incumbents Bernadette Walsh and Thomas Riche were not seeking reelection I decided to run due to concerns with overdevelopment issues facing our Village, maintaining vital infrastructure badly in need of attention and bringing basic services back to an acceptable level.

I feel that my experience as a journalist, especially reporting on municipal government in Ridgewood for nearly four years, and my deep knowledge and understanding of the Village and the issues it faces would be a natural fit on the Village Council.

What Michael says about Graydon
I’ve always felt Graydon is a beautiful, natural swimming pool and park in the heart of our Village.

Having grown up in Pennsylvania before coming to the Village to work at the Ridgewood News, I have enjoyed swimming in many natural areas, but none were as pristine and safe as Graydon.

My step-children swim and play at Graydon as part of the Parks and Recreation’s day camp program in the summer, and I go to Graydon when my schedule allows.

Graydon is a treasure in an increasingly overdeveloped world smothered in concrete, and I would vehemently oppose any changes that would destroy this natural gift.

Contact information

Request a yard sign, host a meet & greet coffee: email (preferred) with your name/address or call 570-956-3610 (cell)
Campaign donations: see website above (PayPal or credit card) or send a check to: Michael Sedon for Ridgewood Council, 319 Franklin Tpke., Ridgewood, NJ 07450

How to help Susan and Michael get elected
Please support these candidates by posting a lawn sign, offering to host a “meet and greet” coffee hour for your friends and neighbors (important), and making a donation of any size toward their campaigns.
The third candidate, Jim Albano, longtime president of the Ridgewood Baseball & Softball Association, is eager to replace the wooded Schedler plot with a 90-foot baseball field. Those who want this to happen will head for the polls in large numbers.

If you care about preserving our Village, please vote for Susan Knudsen and Michael Sedon on Tuesday, May 13.

4-foot area of Graydon Pool, Ridgewood, NJ, June 16, 2011
4-foot area of Graydon Pool, Ridgewood, NJ, June 16, 2011

Record editorial from July 11 about Ridgewood's Graydon Pool: Graydon's Renaissance is Welcomed
Graydon Pool Opening Day 2010
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On May 18, 2010, Graydon Pool was honored as one of the year's "10 Most Endangered Historic Sites" in the state by Preservation New Jersey. Ridgewood should be proud that this independent nonprofit organization considers Graydon irreplaceable for its historical significance, environmental and fiscal sustainability, and contribution to local residents' quality of life.

Read about the "10 Most" designation, the Record editorial, and other exciting events from May 2010

General information
  • The Controversy About Ridgewood's Graydon Pool (PDF)
  • Environmental Facts and Considerations (PDF)
  • Letter from the Ridgewood Historic Preservation Commission (PDF)

  • Slides from our March 23, 2010, meeting (on SlideShare; try full screen mode)

    Remarks by Stuart Lieberman of Lieberman & Blecher to members of The Preserve Graydon Coalition, Oct. 26, 2009
      Photo slide show: Graydon Pool and Park, Ridgewood, NJ, Summer 2009

    Banner photograph and pail taken at Graydon by Marcia Ringel, July 2009
    Other photos (c) 2009 and 2010 James Porto

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